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For Immediate Release

Reed Player/Composer Matt Renzi to release “Arm-Sized Legging” on Three P’s Records July 1, 2020
featuring his new ‘Chamber-Jazz' ensemble

Three P’s Records is pleased to announce the July 1 release of Arm-Sized Legging, tenor saxophonist/clarinetist/ composer Matt Renzi’s perfectly crafted new album featuring his chamber-jazz project, the Cello Quartet. The recording showcases Renzi as both a soloist and composer and features Jessica Ivry/Daniela Petracchi on Cello, John Wiitala on Bass and Tim Bulkley on drums.

ASL CD Cover real.jpg

Arm-Sized Legging covers a wide variety of sonorities and musical textures ranging from intimate, lyrical melodies to more abstract pieces taking the listener on a captivating musical journey. "Twenty Six For Three" is rooted heavily in the blues, through which Renzi uses as a vehicle to weave his bold rhythmic lines. "Cave Tune" is a playful, Americana-type song featuring Ivry’s elegant cello work and Renzi’s microtonal-bop soloing. “It’s not about flashy technique” says Renzi. “I’m more interested in what’s behind the notes; the energy, focus and 

intensity that goes into each and every note.” For this outing, Renzi uses his longtime rhythm section cohorts Bulkey and Wiitala. “We’ve developed deep a sense of musical trust and intuition as a trio over the years,” says Renzi.

"Alfama" and "Alfama II" are Renzi’s signature songs in the Chamber-jazz genre. Both tracks are drum-less and feature his warm-toned lyrical clarinet work accompanied by a haunting counter-melody played by Ivry. The latter showcases Renzi’s woodwind work on alto flute and bass clarinet. “This recording is very special to me” says Renzi “because it combines my experiences in both the classical music and jazz world.”

Renzi talks about his choice of instrumentation for this project. “The cello can be used both as a melodic and harmonic instrument” he says. “I wanted to explore different ways of blending the timbre of the two instruments together.” Ivry, a trained classical musician and impeccable improviser, is a perfect match for the repertoire. “We are all four tuned into the same psychic frequency and touch upon these intimate musical spaces on this recording,” says Matt.

Growing up in with a classical music background, Renzi got schooled in musicianship from his father, who was principal flautist with the San Francisco Symphony for fifty years. “He taught me how to sing on my to shape a musical line.” states Renzi. Besides tenor sax and clarinet, Renzi is also an accomplished oboist and english horn player.

Matt Renzi holds a MA in Classical Composition from San Francisco State University and a BM in Performance from Berklee College of Music. In addition to “Arm-Sized Legging,” Matt Renzi has released the albums Rise and Shine, Lunch Special, Happy Hour (Three P’s Records), The Cave (Fresh Sound New Talent) and Road to Angkor (TOAP). Independently, Renzi has worked with Marc Johnson, Ben Monder, Eddie Marshal, Bobo Stenson, The Berlin Philharmonic Quintet, Eberhard Weber, Herbie Lewis, Bob Moses, Stanley Jordan and Michael Formanek.

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